Woman Hugs Cat No One Would Touch, This Is How He Repays Her

This rescue story is about a woman who didn’t fear hugging a feline, that apparently needed that hug more than anything in this world.

The cat, later named Valentino because he was full of love and sweetness, was located in a shelter. However, everyone was scared of touching the cat because of his skin condition called sarcoptic mange which is highly contagious.

Elaine couldn’t bear seeing the cat in that state and reached out to hug it. The poor little guy’s eyes were completely shut because of this disease. He felt the love despite not being able to see the people who helped him. Elaine contacted Toby Wisneski, who is founder of Leave No Pets Behind (a rescue group in California).

After hearing Valentino’s cries for help through the phone, Toby immediately came at the shelter and they saved Valentino’s life. This is a proof that even little deeds can cause a great change. You can check out the sweet video on LoveMeow which is our source for this story.







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