Tweets Test: Are You THIS Much of a Cat Person?

Do you constantly argue with your friend (who btw also happens to love cats) about who is a real cat person? I just found a way in which you can make the comparison. It’s simple, you just need to ask a third party (another friend) to have the role of a judge. And I bet this person will enjoy the role! As you go on you will read 11 tweets about what being a real cat person really means, the person you choose as a judge will have to decide which tweet applies to you.

Grab a pen and let the competition begin!

#1 Are You This Kind Of Person

Yup! All me.

#2 Do You Have Your Priorities Straight

Royal Highness goes first.

#3 You Know The True Meaning Of Love

My one and only.

#4 You Put Their Needs Before Yours

You don’t spoil their rest!

#5 You Have The Best Cuddles


#6 You Love Every Inch Of Their Furry Bodies

Every. Time.

#7 You Accept Them As They Are

And love them even more.

#8 You Can Appreciate Their Unpredictable Character


#9 You Simply Know What They Want

Even when no one understands why.

#10 You Know How To Make Every Moment Count

Nope. There isn’t.

#11 You Think About Them All The Time

Same here, pal.

Well, if what I think happened, then you’re nodding and laughing like crazy saying ME, ME, ME, all the time. Yeah, same here. Share this with your friends and test them out, I bet you have some JUST like you!


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