Trending: Amazon Bestselling Cat Toys You Just Have To Have

There are always new ways to spoil your cat. I love getting stuff for my cat more than I want to shop for me. I know that most of you can totally relate with this.

That is why I will give you a list of cat toys that are Amazon best-sellers. You enjoy making your cat happy and you know it!

#1 Three Way Cat Tunnel

This toy goes hand in hand with cats’ natural instinct to hide. If combined with other toys it will become the favorite thing your cat owns.

A satisfied customer Beth said:

“9-week-old Simba loved it immediately! He ripped the string the ball was attached with within the first hour but that’s his favorite ball now. He’s been afraid of playing in the backyard, so we brought this out there and it gives him a place to hide when he gets spooked. Now he’s much more comfortable. When we bring it in the living room, he drags conquered shoelaces inside, and performs sneak attacks on stuffed animals!”

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#2 Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy

This toy will help stimulate your cat’s natural instincts for exploring. Plus you can play together with your cat. Imagine the bonding time you guys would have!

Just read what Mac Henry said:

“My kitten just loves these mice. He likes to play “fetch” with them, but he will also play with them all by himself and is frequently batting and chasing them all around the room.”

They offer 50% off the full price. Get them here for only $5.76.

#3 Pet Safe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

This toy will keep your cat entertained at all times. You just need to turn it on, sit back, and watch your running around the house.

As explained in Erin Bella‘s review:

“Was so happy to find this! My cats LOVE my laser pointer but I just don’t have time to stand around doing it all day. This was the perfect solution. I noticed other reviewers complaining about it going up on the ceiling. Which is perfect for any lazy cat who just wants to lay back and watch the laser in action. However, I decided to wedge it in between some books so I could angle it and now it only goes on the floor and they are able to chase it.”

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#4 Pet stages Tower of Tracks

If you want your cat to be the coolest cat in the neighborhood, then I recommend that you buy this toy. And it is ideal for households that have more than one cat.

This person even made a review on Youtube. Check out what Fussy New Yorker has to say:

“This is by far the best investment in a toy that I have ever made for my cat. He loves interaction with it and did not like other ball chasers in the past. I did a YouTube review on it and highly recommend it. Balls glide around smoothly. Cats paws don’t get stuck in the tracks. Balls are brightly colored and easy to see for my one eyed little boy who has depth perception issues with his vision. I saw bad reviews and double checked that this is an improved toy that comes with the bar across the top so my little fur ball wouldn’t get his head stuck if he tried looking inside it (though I doubt he would). I hear him playing with it at least a few times a day, and I tell you the God’s honest truth, as I’m writing this review, he just went over and laid next to it and swatted a ball, just this minute!”

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#5 Funny Cat Chaser Toys

We all know how much cats love chasing lights. Well, this toy can be charged with USB, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries. And it is safe for your cat!

A customer, Mani explained it best:

“After charging for 30 minutes, I put this to immediate use entertaining both my cat and myself. The one that I received has a very bright laser, even when used in an extremely sunny room. My cat goes crazy when I move the laser pointer all around the house. It’s fun watching him speed toward it, than when I suddenly turn it off, he’s left in bewilderment. Chasing after the laser provides great exercise, as cats run toward it like a speeding bullet.”

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Have you found anything you like? I know I have.


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