This Is What You Should Do When The Fleas And Ticks Attack

Back when I was in kindergarten, I had the thickest, curliest, and the most high-maintenance hair in the group. And yes, you guessed it right, I was so prone to lice, that at some point I think I developed a phobia.

So, I like to think that fleas and ticks for cats are like lice for humans. You just HAVE TO find a way to get rid of those tiny, devilish creatures. Most importantly because fleas and ticks may pose a serious threat to your cat’s health, which is why I’ll be giving you some tips & tricks that helped me with those fleas & ticks. (I am SO rocking that rhyme!)

Okay, so basic knowledge first: Fleas are common and can be found everywhere. Ticks usually appear in warmer weather, especially in bushy areas, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat is safe in your yard. Anyway, you just have to treat ticks and fleas regularly, but be extremely careful. Why am I saying this? Because cats are more sensitive to insecticides than dogs.

Fleas and Ticks – Direct Effect

The effects of flea bites can vary from a slight itch to an allergic reaction, which can cause even more damage. Fleas also may cause anemia, which may happen if the cat has a lot of them. This is particularly dangerous for kittens.

Ticks pose a more serious threat. The toxin they inject in cats can cause paralysis and even death. The first signs of this are peculiar meowing and weakness in hind legs. This goes on until the cat is unable to walk, or even breathe.

Keeping Your Cat Flea and Tick Free

The first and most important thing when taking care of felines is to use carefully selected products. Don’t use dog products whatsoever because they can have negative effects on the cat’s health.

If you notice when your cat is getting infested by fleas or ticks, you have to act immediately! A Capstar tablet will kill your cat’s fleas in about 30 minutes. However, adult fleas are only 1% of the danger. The other 99% are eggs, larvae and pupae. There aren’t many options that are effective and safe at the same time, but I would encourage you to choose from the following:

  • Frontline Plus and Advantage – Liquid applied monthly to the feline’s neck. Easy to use and excellent for killing fleas.
  • Revolution and Advocate – Similar products with the plus option of controlling intestinal worms as well as heartworm.
  • Fido’s Fre-Itch Rinse – Apply it onto the fur and let it dry. The main disadvantage of the product is that it can be a little tricky to wet a cat since they’re not really fans of water.

Ticks only leave us with 2 products: Fido’s Fre-Itch Rinse and Frontline spray. And, for the sake of your cat, please read the instructions.

Ticks are usually removed with a nice pair of tweezers. You should put the tweezers between the tick and your cat’s skin, and pull firmly. Leaving parts of the tick on the cat should not worry you as the cat’s body will deal with them.

And another thing: Be careful when dealing with fleas and ticks. They like human blood, too. Don’t get yourself infested over negligence. In the end, give your cat a special reward – this was stressful for her as much as it was for you.


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