Things That Influence Your Kitty’s Character While Growing Up, Don’t Mess It Up

We all want what is best for our cat, sooooo here are some things all of us cat worshipers out there should know.

Firstly, I am gonna start with a fact: the difference between kittens and cubs when it comes to the feline family is that the infant of a domesticated cat is a kitten, while the infants of lions or tigers (big cats) are known as cubs.

How Many Kittens Are In A Litter?

There are usually from 2 to 5 kittens in a litter and they are born at 35-40 minute intervals. When it is time for the mother cat to give birth she will settle in a bed of her choice and bring these balls full of cuteness into this world. You should know that kittens emerge from their mother in an amniotic sac which their mother immediately bites off and eats.

Newborn Kittens Are Completely Helpless

These kittens are fully dependent on their mother in the early stages of their lives. Kittens are born blind, and they need time for their hearing to develop. They need their mother’s help for EVERYTHING! So always keep the mother close to the kittens because she also helps them keep warm since kittens are unable to regulate their own body temperature for the first 3 weeks of their life.

A Mother’s Milk Protects The Kittens

The milk from the mother is of primal importance for the kittens. It is full of important nutrients that help the kitten grow. The milk is also needed to help develop and boost the kitten’s immune system because it contains important antibodies (which also protect from infections). And of course, where else would kittens get the fluids they need.

Kittens Learn New Things Through Play

Once the kittens are old enough to walk on their own, they can’t sit at one place. The little kittens can’t stop running, climbing, scampering, biting, meowing, and doing alll kinds of crazy kitten things. But this is because they learn through play all the things they will need to know as older cats. So just let them be and don’t worry too much when you see them playing with other kittens because this is a part of their learning, just as hunting and stalking are once they reached the age for acquiring those skills.

It Takes Roughly A Year For A Kitten To Become A Cat

Yes, you read correctly. It takes a whole year (well more or less) for a kitten to become fully independent. In that one year period, kittens learn all the skills and techniques they will need later on. In domestic situations, the job of the mother cat is eased by the help of the owner.

You Should Never Buy A Kitten That Is Younger Than Eight Weeks

These adorable creatures depend heavily on their mothers in this period of their growth, and responsible cat breeders should be careful about when it’s okay to separate the kitten from the mother. Just imagine, in some parts of the world, it is even illegal to sell kittens younger than 8weeks. ( Well done for those countries!)

Neutering A Kitten Makes It More Friendly

This involves a process of surgical sterilization of a kitten, which many cat owners decide to do. It usually happens when the kittens are around 7 months old (but it can also be done earlier). This process prevents the birth of unwanted litters and can have a positive effect on a kitten’s behavior. Both male and female kittens become more friendly and gentle after the process. However, this is a matter of the owner’s personal choice.

Orphaned Kittens Are More Moody

Kittens without a mother won’t receive the antibodies they need from her milk, so as adult cats their immune systems may be weaker. These kittens are known to be more affectionate with people, most likely because they have been raised by humans and not their mother. However, these fluffy felines may sometimes experience mood swings and become more temperament.

A Kitten’s Purring Keeps It Healthy

When it comes to purring, the bottom line is that is beneficial for both felines and humans. Kittens love to purr when they are happy, which makes us happy. You will be pleased to read that scientists have discovered that the sounds produced at this (purring) frequency can improve kitten’s bone density and promote their hearing.

Owning A Kitten Can Be Good For Your Health

Early evidence drawn from studies of cat and kitten facts suggests that in humans, the sound of purring might be enough to lower stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and heal bones and muscles. A recent study even suggested that cat and kitten owners had a 40% reduced risk of heart attack. As if we needed another reason to own a cat. But now you can tell people that you own a cat because it is doctor recommended.

Never Give Your Kitten A Saucer of Milk

Everywhere, from books to films, and especially in cartoons such as Walt Disney’s The Aristocrats and Warner Bros’ Tom and Jerry, most of us have grown up seeing images of cats and kittens happily drinking from a saucer of milk. In fact, many kittens are lactose intolerant and will get upset stomachs if they have too much milk. Be extra careful about the dose of milk your kitten receives on a daily basis.

The kittens should not be regarded as simply a present or a new toy you can play with. It takes a lot of responsibility to take care of a kitten. You can help your child gain a sense of responsibility for their new kitten by teaching them to feed and clean it, as well as just playing with it. My love for cats grew out of the love my mum had for them.


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