The Single Most Dangerous Season For Cats And How You Can Protect Them

Who doesn’t look forward to spring? I know I am, and I am sure it is under the influence of my cat. Seeing the happiness on her face when the spring breeze enters through our window gets me even more excited about spring time. However, my mantra in life is safety first. Springtime can be hazardous for our feline friends.

Springtime comes hand in hand with nice weather, so everyone, including cats, wants to spend more time outside. Cats in the outdoors have a whale of a time, and we, their owners may think that no bad can come out of allowing our furry friends to enjoy life. Many cats look for trouble outdoors, and some find trouble even when they are looking for none. Fights are uncontrollable, and diseases are spread.

My advice is not to let your cat frolic in the yard, even if she/he makes numerous efforts to sneak out. Keep a good eye on your sneaky pet.

Be wary of foxtail. Foxtails are the sharp seeded fragments of tall grass that stick in your socks and are a nuisance for people, but a health hazard for cats- as they grow right at a feline eye level. Just imagine how distraught you would feel if a sharp foxtail poked your eye. Luckily, cats that stay indoors almost never suffer from foxtails.

Nesting birds are common in March and April, and baby birds are attractive to cats. If a cat climbs a tree to clean out a nest and falls, it may injure itself. However, even if your cat comes to no harm, there is no doubt that killing vulnerable wildlife is very uncool. You need to remember that cats are both predators and prey. Hawks, raccoons, and coyotes may kill cats, so bear in mind that these animals may become more aggressive during the spring since many have young to feed.

My personal worst nightmare, at least when it comes to the well-being of my furry friend, are fleas. They irritate the skin, cause skin diseases, hair loss, spread tapeworms, and may even contribute to feline asthma. And the worst thing of all is that these pests proliferate and become more active in warmer weather. Keep your cat safe and find a good flea preventive, now is the perfect time for it.

You know what else is the perfect time for? Fighting against the mosquito-borne disease, that will become increasingly more active as the year goes on. Consult your vet about heartworm prevention.

Lastly, if you enjoy the spring holidays as I do, you will definitely not look forward to watching over your cat during the festivities. I, personally do not like looking out if my cat eats Easter lilies, or Easter grass. And trust me, she wants to try new things, especially those that are funny looking and may cause her health problems. Sometimes I think that she enjoys living dangerously and sees me as an obstacle to fulfilling her dream. If you love your feline friend like I do mine, please keep it away from eating Easter lilies(can cause fatal kidney failure) and Easter grass(can lead to life-threatening gastrointestinal obstruction from a syndrome known as linear foreign body) because most of the times we need to look over our cats as we would over a child. Because we absolutely adore them.


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