How Safe Is It For Cats To Be Playing With a Laser?

For me, the best thing is just watching my cat having a whale of a time while chasing the little red dot. Sorry, should have said the second best thing, because the sound of my cat purring will always be my favorite!

Well, I am very protective when it comes to the health and overall well-being of my cat, as I am sure all of you are. So it made me wonder and even do a little digging, just to make sure that laser pointers are harmless. Continue reading because I will go on and explain in detail what I concluded from my research.

The truth behind why cats like playing with lasers

Well, it will not surprise you to read that it enhances their natural instincts for hunting. And let’s all admit it’s a hell of a fun toy!

Can the laser do any harm to my cat?

Typically, laser manufacturers make sure that the laser is harmless, especially concerning your cat’s eyesight. However, try not to point the laser directly into their eyes, but even if you accidentally do this don’t worry too much, it will not cause any damage. Just make sure that you are extra careful while looking for laser pointers, because unfortunately, some models are unsafe for both humans and felines.

Advantages of laser pointers

There are a few advantages as to why you should make sure that your feline has one of these toys, after making sure that you ordered a laser that is harmless for your cat.

  1. You will make sure that your furry friend gets the exercise they need. Domestic cats tend to get lazier, and with this toy, you can be absolutely sure that your feline will not gain a lot of weight- which can be harmful to their health. I promise that even if other toys don’t get your cats’ attention, you can never go wrong with the laser pointer. Cats go crazy for the red dot!
  2. Your feline will never again be bored! Cats like the outdoors and sometimes they just don’t know what to play with around the house. It is a great mental stimulation for your cats.
  3. Works very well for both kittens and for adult cats. The kittens learn coordination, build muscles, and learn how to ‘cat’ in general. While for the adult cats it provides further exercise for their skills and instincts.
  4. If you opt for a laser pointer that is not automatic, it gives you the advantage of taking part in their play.
  5. If you opt for the automatic laser pointer, you can relax after a long day at work knowing that your cat will be entertained and you can have a little alone time. Plus, you will never again worry that your cat will be bored while you are not at home.

Disadvantages of laser pointers

  1. It is possible to make your cats feel dissatisfied. This is because in real circumstances the cat eventually catches its prey, but the red dot can never be tracked down.
  2. It may provoke anxiety. If your cat fails to catch the red dot every time it can provoke destructive behavior. Your feline may take its anxiety out on the furniture and/or you. To avoid this always make sure to end the laser game by pointing the laser at some object that can be ‘caught’, such as some toy or even a hidden treat for your ambitious little fur ball.

Always opt for safety

You can do this by buying the laser pointer that will not harm your cat’s eyes. Be careful not to point the laser directly into the feline’s eyes for a longer period of time. Keep time track on the laser game sessions. Do not neglect the other toys that are good and useful for your cat. And always, always bear in mind that you should never let a toy replace you and make room for spending some quality time with your cat as much as you can. This will definitely benefit both you and your cat.

Since I did my research well, there is a perfectly safe product which I recommend to you. It has proven to be harmless for your cat and has various options like the opportunity to control it from your smartphone. You can order this petcube from Amazon, and you can make sure of its benefits yourselves.



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