REPORT: Police Called After Cat Spotted Lurking In a Tree Holding an Assault Rifle

Our hilarious furry friends never cease to amaze us. We read rescue stories about cats stuck in trees all the time. But this one is different, it looks like the feline was armed. Made me wonder what its owner did that it made the cat climb on a tree holding a rifle, I thought it was payback time.

Turns out I was wrong, it was a simple mix-up. Don’t get me wrong it was an honest mistake, it even fooled the police officers in Newport, Oregon who were called to the scene.

It looks like the cat was armed with a rifle when it was actually holding a branch resembling a weapon. Not something you usually see!

As you can see on the picture below the cat had a look of determination on its face. Thankfully, everyone was relieved after finding out that it was a branch and not a gun.

The picture was even posted on the by the Newport Police Facebook page. Here is a link to the video!



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