Man Visits 10 Kittens In Shelter Home, They Immediately Make Him Their Cat Dad

Are you ready for yet another heartwarming story? I absolutely loveeeee these rescue stories.

This time eleven kittens were rescued by Multnomah County Animal Services and Sheila who is a fosterer of MCAS @love2foster  took these kittens in her home. They have been having a real bad nutrition and all were underweight.

Sheila has been taking excellent care of the little fluffy balls and giving them lots of love. So it is no surprise, that when her son came to the house for a visit the kittens flooded him with cuteness.

The little kittens couldn’t stay away from Sheila’s son and they napped, played, and purred in his arms. He apparently enjoyed the love he was getting from the kittens because he didn’t move from their side all day.

You can also see a video on LoveMeow, which is our source for this adorable story.


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