Here’s What Cat Owners Are Buying From Amazon

Let’s be honest here, Amazon is the place I always turn to whenever I am shopping for my cat. I always find what I need and plus I get to see what other cat owners prefer.

Soooooo, I found the most wanted things on Amazon- the best-sellers. I tried showing them to my cat but she didn’t pay much attention to be honest because she was already enjoying the other toys I got for her. I concluded that I spoil her a lot, and somehow this fact didn’t stop me from making another order. So enjoy the list below!

#1 Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy

This toy is a very interesting way to entertain your cat. It strengthens felines’ natural instincts and one of the best things for me is that you are physically involved in the play. After all, you need to move the mouse through the holes of the box.

The comment of Tulip_Mesa gives a good summary of the toy:

“This is a surprisingly well built toy. The mouse has a white tipped nose so cats can see it through the slot.

The mouse portholes have a felt/cloth material that makes noise when the mouse emerges so you can tease them by moving the mouse around a few times before popping out.

Mouse is as durable as can be expected. There’s a lot of little things in how this toy was built that speaks to a lot of thought that went into the design. Cats love it more than I expected.”

Get it here for only $12.90!

#2 Portable Cat Cage

If you are a fan of traveling then you will not just want, but you will NEED this!

Look at what Julia has to say about it:

My cats absolutely love this tent! First off it’s cute and very roomy. I used it for a 10hr car ride when moving and both of my fat cats loved it! It even had room for a biodegradable litter box. Also very easy to fold flat and store anywhere. Now I use it at home, where the cats like to sleep. I would highly recommend buying!

10% off waiting for you right here.

#3 Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

With this, your cat will finally have that comfy space for just being lazy. Plus it saves a lot of space in your home!

A satisfied customer, Vanessa Vanderzee said:

“I am so glad we purchased this bed for my cat, it has become one of her favorite places to nap during the day. We installed the window seat on our kitchen window, just above our sink. She would always lay uncomfortably on the small ledge there, so we figured this would be a great way to keep her (mostly) off the counters. She will literally spend 4 or 5 hours at a time snoozing, grooming, watching us do dishes and prepare meals, as well as gazing out the window at her kingdom.”

I bet you already want to get one for your feline friend. Here it is!

#4 Cat Massage Center

With this, you can make every day- cat spa day!! Give your cat the luxury it deserves.

A customer, LR reviewed this product:

“I bought this because my cat is always rubbing her face on stuff. Corners of boxes, limbs of our artificial Christmas tree, the corner of my dishwasher, anything. As soon as this came in I set it out, sprinkled some of the catnip they include in the package on it, and she instantly knew what to do. “

Save $8.85 and get it here!

#5 Hidden Cat Litter Box

The litter box will no longer be hard to look at! Plus you get a decoration for your home.

In Hope‘s words:

“I recently moved into a house where there is just “no where to put the litter box.” For weeks I suffered and anyone who came in took a concerned double take at the glaringly horrible litter box placement. I got online and desperately looked at the litter box “furniture” but all seemed too small, generally way over priced, easily ruined and hard to clean, so I ordered this. I am soooo glad I did. The kitty uses it just fine (she’s 16 pounds) and it looks 1000x better than what I had going on before. Basic function wise it works as well or better than any other litter box I’ve had… I highly recommend this for people who need a litter box that is affordable, practical, and not intolerable to look at. It’s pretty sad when you are this happy about a litter box. Lol.”

Take a closer look and get it with 11% off!

#6 Bergan Turbo Scratcher

Your cat can both have fun while playing with the ball in the channel and enjoy the occasional scratch on the pad above. Honestly, the best of both worlds!

Just read what Laura has to say about this toy:

“This is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made for my 1-year-old ferocious cat, Al! This guy Is always looking for something to mess around with, and he tends to get bored with his toys after awhile. This gadget actually arrived on his 1st birthday. I took it out of the box while he watched attentively, and I showed him how the ball moves around the track. He wasted no time getting to it. OMG, he stands in the middle and swats it, he walks away from it and runs back to pounce on it, and when he gets pooped out he lays on his side next to it and swats it! He even scratches on the scratcher part sometimes. I leave it in the living room so it can provide lots of entertainment for both of us! It’s been 1-1/2 months, and he still plays with it.”

Cheapest option available HERE, save $10!

#7 Cat Hammock Bed

Sooo if your cat loves hiding under chairs this will be a very convenient solution.

The happy customer AC said:

My cat loves to sleep under my chair as I work. This was a no-brainer and it did not disappoint! The day I put it up she found it and can be found sleeping happy and comfortable most the time (whether I am in the chair or not!) She curls up and snoozes any chance she gets. This really is the perfect cat hammock for any cat who likes to be near you.”

#8 Snuggly Cat Hideaway

This burrito-bed will keep your feline warm and comfy at all times. Plus it looks super cute!

This is what Christine had to say:

“This cat bed is the perfect safe place for my new kitten. It is sooooo soft all over and it comes with a baby blanket made from the same soft material as the bed. It’s big enough for larger cats as my 14 pound wiener dog tried to make herself comfortable in it and was successful. I have a Sphynx kitten and the softness of this bed and blanket was perfect for her. It has many different abilities to change shape. My kitten loves it rolled down like an upside down cap at night but during the day she likes it laying flat all rolled out so she can hide in it like a cave. I love this purchase!!”

With THIS incredible offer you save $30! Hurry up!

#9  Cat Litter Disposal; Odor Free

With this litter genie, you will forget the daily trips to the trash can since it holds cat litter for up to a couple of weeks and the best of it is that it is stink-free.

Ashley said:

“This thing is amazing! Having to take little our three or four times a day was making me question how my two cats can still be so cute. With this thing twice a month. It retains the smell to where it doesn’t even seem like o have cats in the house anymore. The feature of having a bag cutter inside so it’s easy to keep the cartridge going is wonderful!”

Yep, it’s still available! Get it here!

#10 Self-groomer

We all know that cats groom themselves and they will absolutely love this!

Another customer, Alexis said:

“My cat is always attacking my hairbrushes so when I saw this I immediately thought he’d love it….turns out, he does! He wouldn’t even need the catnip in it as I hardly put any it for him. He just loves this thing!!! Uses it several times a day and I just got it a few days ago! If your cat loves bristles, this is def the thing to get him/her.”

Your cat is gonna go crazy after it! Get it here.

I think that you will definitely find something you’ll like here. So order away guys! 




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