How To Give Your Cat a Pill Without Doing Any Damage

One of the most difficult things that a cat owner has to do is give a pill to the feline. Unless you find a tasty pill that your cat happens to love (which is highly unlikely) then you need to know how to properly administer the pill. The procedure in itself is simple, the tricky part is getting your cat to let you put your fingers in its mouth.

Let me describe the seemingly simple procedure. You place your thumb and your forefinger on each side of your cat’s mouth keep the mouth open by applying a gentle pressure. With your other hand, you gently press down the lower jaw and ensure the pill goes deep inside, on the back of the tongue. Close your cat’s mouth and hold it like that, while massaging the throat until the cat swallows.

The Cat Whisperer

This is one approach used for giving a pill to your feline. However, this is a person who is extra experienced and has the gift of a gentle-touch and can casually walk to any cat and within seconds the pill is down the cat’s throat. It seems almost magical. Unfortunately, most of us cat owners are not gifted like this and experience difficulties. It is important to remember some guidelines when approaching your cat: always be patient and calm, both before and during the process.

Tips On How To Restrain The Cat

You can use either use your arms or your legs to ensure that your feline remains calm. Sometimes you may need the assistance of another person. Just bear in mind that it is important that the person helping you is well acquainted with cats. Best case scenario would be if the person helping you were already familiar with your cat. To avoid scratches it is better to wrap your cat’s body in a towel. Whatever mode of restraining you decide to use, remember two things: keep calm and be quick.

Tips That Will Make The Process Easier

Use a little bit of butter to cover the pill. It will not only taste better, but it will also slide easier down the throat. Another thing you can use is a pill popper to quickly shoot the pill into the cat’s mouth, just be careful to place it at the end of the tongue and not shoot it directly down the throat. Do not break the pill. If available always opt for the flavored version of the medicine. Also, you could try hiding the pill inside a cat treat. Consult your vet about getting the pill in liquid form. And always, always plan ahead!

What To Do When You Can’t Give The Pill To Your Cat

Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t do it. Some cats are more difficult than others. Sometimes you simply can’t do it by yourself. You just need to talk to your vet about other options for administering the medication. Your vet will have the best solution for you and for your furry friend.


I really hope that you found these tips useful! 


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