DIY: The Simplest and Coolest Cat Tent You Could Ever Imagine

My cat loves playing hide-and-seek and I don’t know how she does it but she always finds the most unusual places for hiding. So I decided that it will be the best thing for both of us if I simply built her a tent.

And why not? I remember that I enjoyed building tents for myself as a kid, so why should my cat get anything less.

I will go step by step in explaining how I build this cool cat tent.

The first and most important thing you’ll need is the cat! Because who do you think is gonna play in this tent? You will need 2 wire hangers, like those on the picture above. Another thing you’ll need is a t-shirt(medium size). Then you’ll need a 15 x 15-inch piece of cardboard, tape, safety pins and something to cut the hangers with.

What you want to do next is cut the hangers(you can see how in the picture above).

The next step is bending the hangers so they look like those on the picture above, and you may want to reinforce the cardboard with some tape.

You go on and simply poke a hole in the cardboard and the easiest way to do this is using the hanger for making the hole.

Next, you will want to tape the hangers together, right in the middle and push the ends through the holes you made.

You need to bend the ends of the hangers and make sure you tape it well!

What’s left is for you to create the tent. In the picture above are presented the 4 steps in which you can do this. Do not forget the safety pins when you do this step.

And finally, all you need to do is give it to your cat to test it.

So have fun while building this because I bet that your cat will have fun with it. Oh, and one last thing… after building this you will always know where your cat hides and the chances of you winning hide-and-seek increase. I know mine has!


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