DIY: How to Make the Best Teaser Game for Your Kitty

I love doing things for my cat, it makes me feel more involved, and call me crazy but I think that she cuddles more when she receives a hand-made gift! This toy proved to be extremely easy to make, cost almost no money, and just a few minutes of my time. The end result was satisfaction on both my and her majesty’s (my cat, if there is any confusion) part.

I want to give you some advice: It is most preferable that you invite a friend over for coffee, or wine- whatever your heart desires, to look after your furry friend while you put the whole thing together because you don’t want to wage a war with your cat. My cat went absolutely crazy for the ribbon and I barely got my hands on it. So, take my advice because it will save you a lot of time, except if you are in the mood for some friendly chase around the house.

Things You Will Need

A couple of toilet paper rolls, an old tissue box(or any box you can find around the house), a string or a ribbon, and some glue. That’s it!

How To Do It

First you want to thread the ribbon, or string through two holes on the back of the box, so that you can later attach it to a piece of furniture. Then you simply glue the toilet paper roles together and on the box, and this way they are more secure. I used a hot glue gun for this stage. And you are done!

How Does It Work

It has a variety of ways in which your cat can be entertained, depending on the cat’s personality. You can put some food in the tubes and let your cat find the treat by smelling and putting its paw in the tubes. The tubes are the perfect size for the paw. My cat looooveeesss to eat, so you can imagine why she was having a blast. Some cats love chasing the string on the back of the box, and this way two cats can play simultaneously with this new toy.


So don’t think twice, I recommend you do this today and give your cat the opportunity to enjoy playing with something you made. 


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