Cat’s Epic Reaction After Meeting The Vacuum Cleaner For The First Time Is Hilarious!

It is not rare that we see videos of cats in strange situations all over the internet. These usually make us laugh so hard that we start crying. Well, this video is unusual because the toy the little fellow chose to play with is rather strange.

This cute cat couldn’t stop putting its face into the hose, while the vacuum was still running. It made me wonder what was in the hose that tasted that good because we can alllll see the look of excitement on the cat’s face. This little, crazy cat couldn’t refrain from frantically licking the hose and when they put it away for a split second the cat started hitting the vacuum hose, unwilling to let go.

Here is a link to the hilarious video:

We, as cat owners are constantly reminded that cats are the most unique of pets.But that is the point! You guys should know by now: a cat always gets what it wants. 


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