Your Cat Probably Hates It When You…

Well let’s make a distinction… there are some people who simply don’t know or are unaware of the things cats dislike, and there are others, like me who have owned a cat for the majority of their lives, and refuse to accept that felines are not the cuddly type. This makes me appreciate the times my cat wants to cuddle more than I normally would if it were any other pet.

But cats are special, and cats are important! And there is nothing in this world that I enjoy more than cuddling with my fur ball. I can’t help but squish her fluffy little face, and then I bear the consequences. The things we do for love… Cuteness is one of the greatest cat’s trademarks, which explains why owners can’t take their hands off of their cats. However, you should probably avoid doing the following things.

Hugging, hugging, and more hugging

There is only one kind of hugs that I want and approve of… My cat, of course, doesn’t agree. I loveee those strong hugs when you just wrap your arms around your feline and hold it for a looong time, it is my way of expressing love! This, obviously depends very much on the cat’s temperament, some cats may tolerate or even enjoy hugging- how lucky are their owners!


If a cat comes near your mouth it is usually to check out the latest scents on your breath. Cats do these weird kinds of stuff, but if you try to do the same thing without their approval it may be threatening and uncomfortable for them.

Scratching the belly

Even if cats enjoy the occasional petting, they rarely let you touch their tummy. If they allow you to scratch their belly it is a sign of trust, but more often than not, reaching for the belly area will make them react aggressively.

Picking your cat up

It doesn’t matter how tempted you feel to hold the kitty in your arms, remember that it is not a human baby, and it doesn’t like to be picked up.

Getting in their personal space

Here you can direct yourself by one very important rule, and that is the rule of familiarity and not proximity. If a cat knows you well than it will be comfortable being close to you, if not- it will keep its distance. Some felines are just shy and they decide to get close to their owner only when the owner is asleep, in that way seeming less threatening.

Just remember that this doesn’t apply to all cats. Cats are individuals who have their own preferences. Whatever you do- do it on their terms. Be careful of your feline’s body language because that is the only way in which you can notice its likes and dislikes. Gain your kitten’s trust and the cuddles will happen more often, I promise! There is nothing better than the sweet sound of your cat purring.

So tell us about your cat’s preferences, we want to hear all about it!



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