Cat Owners Are Going CRAZY About These Cat-Spoiling Gadgets

I know, I know, your cat is probably already spoiled. But trust me when I say, NOT THIS MUCH.

Cats, as well as their mommies and daddies, are going crrrazy about these gadgets. They are so much fun, and so useful at the same time. Check them out and see if you already own some of them. If not, we’re providing amazing customer reviews for you, and also, the best deals out there. Hurry up, check out the list below:

#1 Petcube Camera

Do you feel sad whenever you leave your cat alone? I often wonder what my cat does when I am not at home and imagine the craziest scenarios. But, finally, all of us pet owners have a way of monitoring what’s going on when we’re not home. This camera is connected to your smartphone and lets you check on your favorite feline whenever you like.

A satisfied costumer’s review may give you a more reliable insight. Christine said:

“Everyone needs a Petcube! Such an awesome device! The size is great and looks sleek and not bulky. Fits in perfectly with my decor (rose gold is very cute)! Wide view lens is perfect and makes it easy to place the camera anywhere in the house and still be able to see a wide range of area. The app was super easy to install and is even easier to use. I love that is alerts you when there is movement, so you can check in. Highly recommend this product for all pet owners!”

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#2 PetNet Smart Feeder

This feeding dispenser is the one thing that can help you control your cat’s nutrition. It is connected to your smartphone and can help you measure your cat’s portion sizes, feeding time, and proper ingredients.

Or, in Christopher’s words:

“Best product I have ever got off Amazon! I got this for my cat who was a rescue and came from a home that couldn’t afford to feed him. I was only able to feed him twice a day. Now with the amazing feeder, he gets fed 10 times a day. He doesn’t bite me anymore and he even lets me pick him up he’s so much more affectionate and happy. Best purchase I’ve made. They even noticed I get a defective product and contacted me to send out a replacement piece over night. Now that’s customer service. I know when he has been fed and how much.”

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#3 Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy



This interesting gadget will keep your furry friend interested for as long as you want (well, we all know that no one tells a cat what or how long she can do something, or at least mine doesn’t like being bossed around). That is why this gadget has various options from which you, or better said, your cat can choose.

Here’s how V2V3 likes to put it:

“I have 10 cats and finding toys to entertain them is hard. They love playing with laser lights so I thought this would be great for them. It came in a nicely packaged box with batteries and even a tiny screw driver to put them in. This has lots of modes on it to keep your cats engaged. This is well made and sturdy un like others my cats usually knock them over. They haven’t been able to tip this one over yet. I may have to get a second one because they like to fight over this one lol”

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#4 TabCat Pet Tracker

With this thing, you will never again feel anxious for the safety of your cat. As we all know cats enjoy going outside to play, or look for trouble (which for them is the essence of having fun), well now you will always know the whereabouts of your cat. There is a microchip that will show you where your cat is.

Adam here says that it only took him 10 minutes to find his cat IN THE DARK!

“I purchased this tracking collar after our cat got outside and was missing for seven days. Tonight we came home to the sliding door open (probably the dogs or roommate), and the cat was nowhere to be found. It only took me 10 minutes of walking around outside in the dark to find him. He was three houses down hiding in a bush. There is no way I would have found him this quickly without this collar. I would suggest this to anyone that is worried about their pets escaping. Great product!”

The price is totally reasonable, AND you even get 10% off if you order HERE.

#5 Eyenimal Video Camera For Cats

Finally, something that all of us cat lovers out here were dying to get our hands on. Seeing the world from our feline friends perspective is a dream come true.

EA had some really amazing experience with it:

“We absolutely LOVE our Eyenimal Pet Camera! We were prompted to buy the camera after our cat would be gone for long periods of time and we were interested in knowing where she was hiding. Although we still haven’t figured out her secret hiding spot, it has been a blast watching her every move and to see things from her viewpoint! The camera is a bit heavy/bulky for a cat, but I would prefer a bigger device in order to get the better picture. Oh, and the bonus to the camera is the sound!”

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