Why Does My Cat Attack Me For No Reason?

Have you ever experienced aggressiveness towards you from your cat? A lot of the times this behavior is unintentional and misread as an attack, when in fact your cat is trying to play with you.
If this happens often and your cat attacks you for no apparent reason, keep on reading on how you can put an end to this kind of behavior.

Why does your feline attack you?

Petting arouses your cat’s instincts. This arousal may be either sexual or it may arouse your cat’s hunting skills. The stomach and paws are a feline’s most vulnerable area, so if you touch it- the cat will probably attack you. If your cat has attacked your bare feet, it is also something they do because of their hunting instincts. Just remember that you have to be very patient until you teach your cat how to be more gentle.


Find a lot of toys that embrace your cat’s hunting skills. Your feline will practice its skills on the toy, instead of you. Toys that move are the best choice. You can order them online, buy them in the nearest pet supply store, or get creative and do some of them yourself. Make sure that your cat has constant access to a window, where it can sit and observe- this will prevent boredom. And remember¬†that it is good for your cat to play outdoors, so once in a while let your feline wander outside. It is important to choose toys that are good for your feline (some toys are either toxic or bad for your feline’s eyesight, etc.) So do your research before letting your furry friend play with its new toy. And never give up, so if one toy is boring your cat- try another one!

Follow these instructions and I promise that your cat will attack you less often. 


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