I Bought A Petcube And My Life Will Never Be The Same

All of you feline owners out there already know that cats are relentless creatures. My fluffy friend does all sorts of crazy things while I am at home…So imagine what she does when I am not around. Plus I have had this constant anxiety about her whereabouts and I finally found a solution to my problems.

If you have a pet and you want to know what it is doing when you are gone, don’t let your fantasy run wild and just buy a Petcube. It’s a camera that will help you keep an eye on your feline at all times. And if you have more than one cat, and have difficulty finding which one is to be blamed for the mess around the house, this is the perfect solution for you. Now you will have video proof and you can even show it to the guilty party… Who knows maybe your cat will feel bad and stop destroying the furniture.

I present to you- The Petcube

It is a camera for your pet. So, there are two kinds: The first one is the Petcube Play( this camera lets you keep an eye on your pet, talk to it, and play with your feline from your phone) and the other one is Petcube Bites( this model is also operated from your smartphone and on top of all the features the Petcube Play has, this allows you to give treats to your cat). And YES! You can do all of this awesome stuff from your phone. I mean, how easy is that.

My choice was the Pectube Play…For no other reason than wanting to give the treats to my cat personally. It’s something we have been doing since she was a kitten.


How to activate the Petcube

Well, after you open this one of a kind life-saver, all you need to do is plug it in, download the app and connect it to the Wi-Fi. It’s THAT easy! The best place for this is somewhere on a raised surface or a wall. I placed it on top of a kitchen cabinet because I want to see how often my cat steals snacks. She has been getting really fat…

This fantastic camera comes with a 30 day subscription on Petcube Care, which allows you to record every cute moment( and even the not-so-cute ones) and store them for days when you are away and miss your furry ball of sunshine- and just to be clear, I am talking about your cat and not about some other member of your family.

So I don’t know what you are waiting for when you can enjoy all the benefits that come with this camera. You can order it from Amazon right HERE! And know what your cat is doing when you are not around…Gotta admit, it kinda makes you feel like a  spy or something, nothing can escape you now. It’s awesome! 


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