Black Cat Myths That Will Make You Say ‘No Way’

The very first cat that I owned was a black cat. It was the furriest, most cuddly pet you can imagine. Black cats are among the most interesting felines and many myths have surfaced that make these felines even more mysterious. Did you know that black cats have their own special day? And I am not talking about Halloween. This special day is on August the 17th and it is called Black Cat Appreciation Day. Circle your calendars!

Being absolutely amazed by this interesting kind of felines I have decided to prepare a list for you full of fascinating facts, myths, and superstitions. And all are Black cat related!

# Fact 1

There is an explanation for the black color of their hair. A type of pigment called eumelanin is the reason why their fur is black.

# Fact 2

A cat can be black but that doesn’t mean that it will produce black kittens.

# Fact 3

Did you know that blue or gray cats are in fact black! The unique combination of the primary (black) gene and the secondary gene which dilutes the concentration of pigments results in the feline having the beautiful shade of blue or gray.

# Fact 3

Did you know that black cats can also carry the tabby gene? Even though it is nearly invisible to the naked eye, in some felines these tabby markings can be detected under the right lighting.

# Fact 4

As the feline ages, the black coat may change its color over the years. It may become gray, or show white shades mostly around the face.

# Fact 5

The black color of the fur and the length of the coat are unrelated. Black cats can have both long or short hair.

# Fact 6

Black cats can be of certain cat breed and of no particular cat breed. However, some cat breeds such as Bengals, Russian Blue cats, Turkish Vans, and many others can’t have a black coat. On the other hand, Oriental Shorthair cats, Persians, Maine Coons, and others can come in almost all patterns and cat colors, including black. So if you want a black cat, do your research!

# Fact 7

One cat breed comes in one color only, and this particular breed was created by breeding Burmese cats and American shorthairs: The Bombay Cat. If a black cat is what your heart desires this is the breed that you need!

# Fact 8

During the medieval witch hunts in Europe, black cats were targeted. It was believed that they helped the witches to perform their dark spells and were believed to be demonic.

# Fact 9

Even today black cats are considered emblems of mysterious forces, or evil omens. One example is the belief that black cats are a good luck charm (UK). If a black cat crosses the path between two people it is a sign of conflict (in Jewish culture). In the Edo period in Japan, it was believed that cats can do medical wonders, such as curing tuberculosis.

Which fact did you found most striking? Feel free to tell us in the comments.



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