9 Things Your Cat Would Love To Tell You

We, owners need to know that felines implicitly tell us a lot of things. We just need to pay more attention to the signs.

Here is a list of some of the things that your felines probably tried to tell you at one point or another.

There is a reason why cats nap on laptops

Well, if you have a cat and a laptop then you know that these two go well together. There is a reason behind the cat’s obsession with sitting on laptops and that is the warmth that comes from the computer. Felines’ ideal body temperature is 20 degrees higher than the temperature of human beings.

No touching the stomach

Cats, rarely show their stomach as a sign of friendliness. On the contrary, in cat language, this means they are ready for a fight. Or, you know…they are simply trying to stretch.

Why cats scratch

Felines mark their territory this way. They have scent glands on their paws, so whenever you see that your favorite piece of furniture is also your cat’s favorite scratching spot, don’t resolve to declaw your cat. Just accept that you both have a similar taste. All jokes aside now, declawing your cat is the same as somebody cutting off your fingertips- would you like that?

Cats hate baths

This comes as no surprise since it has been discussed that cats don’t like bathing because they have been domesticated and don’t share the same love for dipping into pools of water as the wild cats do. Also, their fur will be very hard to dry and let’s not forget that cats are perfectly capable of grooming themselves.

Cats have their own language

Cats use meowing and other signs to tell humans something. Cats also communicate among themselves using the cat language. Many cat owners can tell their feline’s needs by the sound of the meowing.

Don’t leave electric cords lying around

Cat owners are responsible for protecting their felines. You can cover the electric cords in cord covers that you can easily find at any pet shop. Applying bitter apple liquid may help as well since cats despise the taste.

Felines are early risers

It is not strange that your cat starts meowing very, very early in the morning. Installing blackout shades or blinds in your bedroom may stop the meowing because the sun won’t wake the cat. Also, stick to strict feeding patterns that will go hand in hand with both your and your feline’s needs.

Nonstop meowing may be a cry for help

If your feline meows more than usual than it is best to take it to the vet. Or it may just simply want some attention. Whatever it is, your cat is trying to tell you that.

Not urinating in the litter box

This may be a sign of a UTI- urinary tract infection. Check with the vet to see what is the problem and keep the litter box a clean place.

I am positive that this will help you understand your feline better.


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