9 Alarming Signs You Need to Take Your Cat to the Vet ASAP!

I am very protective when it comes to the well-being of my cat. I often wonder how can I know if my cat suffers from some serious health problem. If you want to know when is the right time for you to seek medical help read through these symptoms.

I know that none of us pet owners out there would like to see their feline friend in pain. But when something bad happens to your cat it is best you are informed aforehand and know how to deal with it(i.e. make an appointment to the vet). 

#1 Abdominal Pain

This is serious you guys. If your cat refuses to let you touch its stomach, doesn’t sit in a relaxed manner, or is pawing at its stomach then you must make an urgent visit to the vet. This kind of pain may be a sign of some urinary infection, organ disease, internal bleeding, or something may be blocking the digestive tract.

#2 Bleeding

Bleeding of any kind is scary I know. But if you notice blood coming out of your cat’s eyes or ears do not think twice about calling the vet’s office. Put a bandage to stop the bleeding and immediately ask for a professional’s opinion.

#3 Sudden Blindness

If you see that your cat keeps bumping into things and seems reluctant to walk, it may be a sign of a blindness that comes on suddenly. Your pet may be suffering from a detached retina or glaucoma.

#4 Difficulty In Breathing

If your cat experiences any trouble breathing go to the vet immediately. This may be a sign that your cat is having an asthma attack, heart problems, or life-threatening allergic reaction of any kind.

#5 Urinary Problems

If you notice your cat making trips to the litter box more often than usual, then it’s best you keep an eye on how much urine it’s producing. Also, look for any signs of pain while urinating, or any extensive licking of its genitals after an attempt at urinating. This is most common in male cats and it may be a sign of urinary blockage.

#6 Inability To Put Weight On Limbs

It is in the nature of a cat to hide its pain, they may think that this characteristic makes them look stronger. However, if you love your cat I am sure that nothing can escape your sight. So, if you notice any sign that your cat is favoring one leg then you’ll know it has a health problem. It may be a fracture, some kind of a wound, a heart problem, of any kind of infection. Don’t guess on your own, consult a vet!

#7 Seizure

If your cat acts disoriented, has convulsions, spasms, then it might be having a seizure or it may be poisoned. Call the vet instantly.

#8 Staggering

This may be a sign of a neurological disorder, middle-ear infection, or poisoning. Ask for the help of a veterinarian.

#9 Vomiting

Sometimes your cat may vomit but if the vomiting happens more than once within an hour, or the vomit is bloody then you need to call a vet. Your cat may have swallowed something or may be suffering from a kidney or liver disease. Do not cross out poisoning as a reason for vomiting out of your list.

All in all, what we may conclude is that we are no more different than our feline friends when it comes to our health. Think of it in this way, if you notice a symptom that would worry you and would make you call your doctor, then the same goes for your cat.

Do the same things for your cat’s health as you do for yours. 


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