8 Things You Should Check To Make Sure Your Cat Is Healthy

A simple observation on your cat’s body may tell you a lot about its health. There are some things that can serve as indicators of health problems. It doesn’t matter that I have my cat since forever and that I rarely let it wander outdoors, I always look for some signs that may tell me more about my cat’s health.

If you decide to adopt a kitten, make sure you pay an even closer look on the things I will mention below. And remember that even a feline with problematic health can be an excellent pet once you give it the proper medical treatment.

Some things that may indicate health problems


Your feline behaviour can tell you a lot. If a kitten is indifferent most of the time then it might be ill, the smart move would be to consult a vet. How your cat behaves while using the litter box, or if it does anything unusual while grooming, eating, drinking, then you need to see a vet and make sure that your fluffy friend doesn’t have any health problems.


Another thing you should take into consideration is your cat’s posture. Any sign of losing balance or any problem at all that is movement related may indicate serious health problems.


A healthy fur means a healthy cat. If your feline’s fur is dry and coarse than it may indicate nutrition problems. And of course, beware of cat fleas.


Your feline’s ears should always be pink and clean. However, if you notice some brown/black secretion in the ears or if you notice that your cat scratches its ears and shakes its head then you need to see the vet immediately. This may be a sign of ear mites, and those are not visible to the naked eye.


The eyes, nose, and mouth are also indicators of health problems. Cats have a third, inner eyelid, and if this eyelid is not fully open then it may be a sign of a health problem. An unusually wet nose may be a sign of some kind of health problem. Also, make sure that you regularly examine your cat’s teeth.


And lastly, you should examine your cat’s genitals every now and then. Dirt in that area is usually a sign of diarrhea.

Our felines can’t talk and tell us what is wrong so our task as cat owners is pretty simple, we should keep our eyes open and notice anything that strikes us unusual, and call the vet. Do not postpone the regular visits to the vet!



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