7 Rare Cat Breeds You Have Never Heard Of

This planet is the best planet in the universe! It has many, many distinct cat breeds and breeders keep on establishing new looks for new breeds.

Just imagine how many different kinds of beautiful felines are out there, and they keep on making new ones. These seven new cat breeds are recognized by TICA( The International Cat Association).

#1 Khao Manee

This breed originated from Thailand and occurred naturally. These completely white cats are known as odd-eyed cats. However, even-eyed cats can still belong to this breed. A group of breeders is currently working on creating a breed with moderate SE Asian type head and body.

#2 Napoleon & Napoleon Longhair

The original dwarf cats are the Munchkins. The Napoleon is the result of the deliberate mating of Munchkins with other breeds such as Persians, Himalayans, and Exotic Short Hairs. The Napoleon cats are characterized by round face with big round eyes and usually have short legs.

#3 Donskoy

It was developed from a single cat that was rescued in Russia and at first was thought to suffer from a rare skin problem. Later, it was discovered that this was actually a new mutation for hairlessness. However, Donskoys don’t have to be entirely bald, they sometimes have a very short coat. They are characterized by having strong muscles, large ears, and eyes in the shape of an almond.

#4 Minskin

These cats have a unique coat pattern where hair grows only on the extremities of the body.

#5 The Highlander

These cats are very friendly. They have a large body, firm ears that softly curl at the tip, and short tails.

#6 The Serengeti

The exotic ‘wild’ look on this cat may fool you into thinking that it was a hybrid. Being a hybrid means that wild cats were used in the breeding in order to create the unique traits to the domestic cat. However, this wonderful creature is entirely domestic. These felines are characterized by longer bodies, large ears, round eyes, and a spotted tabby pattern on the coat.

#7 The Sokoke

These cats are elegant, strong, with a dense brown tabby pattern. These felines are very friendly and social, yet extremely independent. They are a natural breed.

Well, were you already familiar with any of these breeds? Comment and tell us about some other interesting cat breeds! 


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