The 7 Absolute Fattest Cats In The World

My cat is sometimes lazy and oftentimes gains a little bit of extra weight ( Don’t judge…so do I… so do all human beings). The good thing is being aware of the changes happening and know when is time for a change in the diet.

Also, you can get a lot of toys that will help you keep your feline interested in playing rather than staying in bed all day doing nothing. Below I have a list of extremely obese felines.

#1 Weighing 40lb

This is a Tom-cat that started to gain weight after he was neutered. He became really lazy and the only reason for waking up from his naps was to grab a bite. Even though he was put on a diet and lost 9lb, a process which lasted eight years, unfortunately, he passed away from a heart disease.

#2 Weighing 42lb

This is a feline found on the street and no one was able to tell for sure whether it was a stray or a feral and he was taken to a shelter. He was adopted by a family who made sure he lost a lottttt of weight. To be more precise he lost 17lb in a period of two years.

#3 Weighing 46lb

This feline gained and lost weight living under the same roof, with the same owner. She is an example that we as cat owners are responsible for the well-being of our cats and it’s never too late for changing our habits. This feline’s owner put her on a diet after realizing how much weight she has gained and how lazy she has gotten. Thanks to the diet, the cat slimmed down to 29lb.

#4 Weighing 40lb

This feline is extremely friendly and very, very lazyyyyy. He lost his owner and had to lose weight before being given to an adopting family. He lost 6.75lb and the people who adopted him will continue his nutrition regime.

#5 Weighing 36lb

This is a feline that spent most of his life in shelters and no one is sure how he gained so much weight. Good thing he was sent to a fat camp for felines.

#6 Weighing 39.1lb

After being placed in a shelter because she lost her owners, she started losing weight. This feline lost 10lb but sadly died from a respiratory failure associated with pet obesity.

#7 Weighing 46.8lb

This is actually the fattest cat in the world and this can be found as a fact in the Guinness Book of World Records. This cat was extremely obese and he passed away due to respiratory failure.

This list is an attempt for persuading cat owners to help stop pet obesity because it can be fatal for felines’ health.








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