10 Things Meant For Humans, But Not Their Royal Highness Cats

There are some things in which we as human beings find the most pleasure, however, our cats don’t. The balance is set by mutual acceptance of our differences.

For example, I accept that my cat wants to spend the whoooleee day hidden in my closet and she accepts that I nap whenever and wherever I can and she does her best to respect my life-choices. Here is a list of things that humans like and felines dislike doing.

#1 Taking the occasional selfie

#2 Looking forward to a hot bubble bath

#3 Parties in general, and especially NOT birthday parties

#4 Spoiling yourself with a cute pair of shoes

#5 Cuddling…Cats do not want to be touched and that is why we appreciate the rare moments they let us pet them

#6 Doing the daily chores

#7 Having guitar lessons

#8 They are usually not very fond of other animals

#9 Gossiping


#10 Looking forward to that BIG cup of coffee

I bet this made you laugh like crazy.


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