10 Siamese Cat Facts Breaking All The Prejudice

We, as cat owners are inclined to love all cat breeds. Felines have a special place in our hearts, we can’t help it. However, a particular breed of cats- Siamese to be more precise, will be in the general focus of this post. These are some of the cutest cats in my opinion, but I loveeee alll cats and therefore can’t be very objective.

Here are some facts about Siamese cats, keep on reading…I promise you will find each and every one of them very interesting.

# Fact 1

This particular cat breed is one of the oldest cat breeds, dating back to the 14th century. They originate from Thailand- which is quite clear as soon as we know that Thailand was formerly known as Siam. It was believed that when a member of the royal family died, their soul went into a Siamese cat. They were adored by royalty and these felines lived the most luxurious lives you can imagine.

# Fact 2

The very first cat belonging to this breed that came in the United States was a present from a U.S. diplomat at the consul in Thailand to the first lady- the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes. This cat was a formal resident of the White House.

# Fact 3

There are two types of Siamese cats. Show Siamese and Traditional Siamese. The former have long bodies, long tails, and triangular ears, whereas the latter have chunkier bodies, and their heads are more rounded. Both types have bright blue eyes.

# Fact 4

These felines have a very distinct voice. They looooveeee to ‘talk’. They always have something to ‘say’, and you can forget not paying attention to them. There is not a single moment of silence with this cuties.

# Fact 5

Since Siamese cats are a natural breed, their original point-patterned fur is a result of a genetic mutation. Their coat is light-colored with dark points on the ears, face, legs, and tail. These points can be of different colors and different shades.

# Fact 6

This is certainly one of the most recognizable cat breeds, with very distinct features. Their features are long, tubular, and muscular bodies, with beautiful blues eyes, and large ears on top of their head. Their fur is light-colored with dark points, as I mentioned above.

# Fact 7

These felines are very, very needy. They can actually become sad and lonely if left alone for a longer period of time. They want the full-time attention of their owner, and won’t think twice about following you from room to room.


# Fact 8

Since they are one of the oldest cat breeds on the planet, it is not unusual that there are many myths concerning them. One myth talks about the Siamese cats who were supposed to guard the princess’ rings. So they put the rings on their tails, and their tails formed kinks to keep the rings from sliding off.

# Fact 9

As I mentioned above, Siamese cats were loved by members of the royal families. So the fact that over the years, celebrities have adored them as well, comes as no shock. Among the royalty are Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth Taylor owned one, and she gave one as a gift to James Dean.

# Fact 10

This particular breed of cats is one of the most intelligent and highly trainable. They enjoy all kinds of toys that puzzle them and can be trained to perform tricks on command.

So which fact did you find most amusing? And if you have a Siamese cat or any experience with this breed feel free to comment below. 






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