10 Grumpy Cat Faces That Will Hunt You At Night

We all love to cuddle and just stay in bed with our cats…But we all know the REAL TRUTH about owning a cat.

Here are some pictures of people who have been smart enough to take photos of their cats doing crazy things. Who knows maybe once the cats see how bad they were they will change, and be nicer. Or am I just kidding myself in believing that?

#1 What is yours is mine… (Sometimes you just need to hide the food, for their own good.)

#2 No walking bare foot in this house!

#3 I have the most unusual toys…and most expensive too.

#4 I will attack the furniture now.

#5 Just let me watch TV now, cuddles later!

#6 I was baddddd today…

#7 You said you were cleaning the house today, I see….

#8 I said no closed doors in this house!

#9 Don’t leave any unattended drinks.

#10 I see you taking pictures, I am not photogenic!

But we love and adore them. How can we not?! They are hilarious and CUTE!


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