Saturday, May 27, 2017
When My Cat Will Give Birth

How Do I Know When My Cat Will Give Birth?

You have a pregnant cat, but you’re not sure when she’s about to give birth? The gestation period of cats is an average of 64 days
Cat Body Language

Are You Doing The Whole Cat Thing Wrong? The Most Subtle Cat Body Language – Finally CRACKED

Cat’s ears and tail are a vital part of cat body language, and proper interpretation can help you better understand your kitten’s moods and in some cases - keep you safe from injury. Cat
teach cat pee in litter box

How To Teach Your Cat To Pee In The Litter Box

One of the most frustrating things when you’re a new cat owner is teaching your feline friend to pee in the litter box. A reason why cats are more favoured than dogs, is not having to tak
Cat Biting

How To Deal With Cat Biting

It's a well-known fact that felines like to play rough with their mates. Kittens regularly demonstrate a behaviour called ‘mock’ aggression where they try to scratch, gnaw, fight and chase t
Scottish Fold

Learning More About Cat Breeds: The Scottish Fold

cat breeds who love travelling

Five Cat Breeds That Make Excellent Travel Companions

snuggly cat breeds

9 Snuggly Cat Breeds That Will Make Your Life a Dreamy & Cuddly Heaven

cat breed

How To Find The Cat Breed That Suits You Best and Live a Long and Joyful Life With Your New Feline

These Are The 7 Independent Cat Breeds With Whom Cuddling Is Out of the Question!

7 Reasons Maine Coons Are The Coolest (And Most Adorable, Too)

Top 5 Extrovert Cat Breeds That Adore a Good Chat – For Every Outgoing Cat Lover



own a bad cat

9 Things You’ll Understand Only If You Own A Bad Cat

maru the cat tries on wigs

Hilarious: Maru The Cat Accidentally Tries On Different Wigs Without Noticing

meowing to real human speech

Amazing Cat Collar Translates Meowing To Real Human Speech. I NEED THIS!

books for cat owners

3 Crucial Books Every Cat Owner Should Read Right Now!